DSL Broadband

Looking for a reliable DSL service provider in South Africa?

We have independently evaluated Afrihost as an DSL broadband internet service provider for an extensive period.  We gladly recommend Afrihost  ADSL services to anyone in South Africa requiring affordable and reliable DSL broadband service options.

approvedBy signing up for a new Afrihost ADSL account from our page you can save 50% on your first pro-rata invoice and 50% on your first full months invoice.

Capped ADSL accounts

1. Sign up for a new Afrihost Capped ADSL account here

Uncapped DSL

Allowing you to download to your heart’s content

Sign up your new Uncapped ADSL account today and enjoy unlimited internet access.

2. Sing up for a new Afrihost Uncapped ADSL account here  

Once your account is live you can change your account at any time – upgrade or downgrade your account as you require.

All the Uncapped Data packages are compatible with Telkom Fibre. Click here to see if your area has Telkom Fibre.



An asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) requires a phone line that is connected to a DSL capable phone exchange.

  •  To check if the exchange your phone line is connected to is ADSL capable use this link to verify if your line is ADSL capable
  • To test the speed of your new ADSL connection once your account is set-up use this link.
  • If you intend using your ADSL account for watching Netflix movies on-line instead of renting DVD movies, we recommend signing up for a Up to 4Mbps uncapped account.

Your account billing  will be done directly from Afrihost as your new internet service provider.