Lenovo Desktop Computer Price List April 2020

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Lenovo Desktop Computers
11BH001VSA LEN V530T-TWR/I7-9700/8GB/1TB HDD/W10P/1YCI R 15 506.00
11BH0021SA LEN V530T-TWR/I5-9400/4GB/1TB HDD/W10P/1YCI R 11 598.00
10NK001RSA LEN V520- TWR /DSK     I7-7700 8GB 1TB W10P64 1YR CI R 14 417.00
10NJ0019SA LEN V510Z,AIO,I5-7400T,4GB DDR4,1TB,WIN10P,1YCI R 12 274.00
10TV002JSA LEN V530T ,I5-8400,4GB DDR4,1TB RPM,W10P64,1YCI R 7 859.00
61BBMAT6SA T22V (VOIP) THINKVISION     21.5 IPS WLED 1920 X 1 R 5 426.00
10TV002SSA LEN V530T/TWR/I7-8700/8GB/1TB HDD/W10P/1YCI R 13 516.00
10TSS00P00 LEN V330 TWR,CEL,4GB,500GB HDD, W10H,1YCI R 7 258.00
10TV002GSA-NEW LEN V530T-TWR,I3-8100,4GB DDR4,1TB HDD,W10P,1YCI R 9 487.00
10TV0062SA LEN V530T/TWR/I3-8100/4GB/1TB HDD/WIN10H/1YCI R 8 211.00