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Need a CD DVD Duplicator? 

Shop for CD DVD duplicators in South Africa available from Start your own duplication service using our standalone CD DVD duplicators.

A CD DVD duplicator can burn any data from a master CD or DVD to multiple CD or DVD in just a few minutes. These tower duplicators don’t connect to other devices- they operate completely independently.

CD DVD Tower duplicator features:

  • Manually operated tower CD DVD duplicators
  • SA manufacturer warranty
  • local service support in South Africa.
  • easy to operate. Switch on – load the CDs or DVDs – copy.
  • tested and ready to operate out of the box.

CD DVD tower duplicators burns data to discs simultaneously, creating multiple CDs/DVDs in-house from any master CD or DVD you have created.

cd dvd duplicator solutions

If you are looking for a device that both prints directly onto CD DVD and burns data to it – See our EPSON discproducer range.

CD DVD duplicators are ideal for creating multiple CD or DVD duplicates of, for example; recordings of church sermons, symposiums, educational audio or multi media, photo discs, music, audio recordings, event videos, training material, software updates & lots more!

These devices are ideal for churches, event photographers, or training organisations; or companies that need to distribute audio training or audio visual training. Its also ideal for distribution of manuals on CD or DVD, distributing audio books, music and many more applications.

Easy to use

Duplication of CDs or DVDs is as easy as switching the unit on, loading your master disc and the blank CDs or DVDs; and pressing one button – to duplicate up to 11 CDs or DVD in one duplication cycle, in just a few minutes.

We also sell direct on disc printers. These printers are capable of printing (in full colour) directly onto the surface of white inkjet printable CDs or DVDs using a thermal ink-jet process. See our Canon printer bundle offer here. 

cd dvd duplicator

CD DVD duplicators, fully standalone, No PC or software required.

CD DVD Duplicator pricing – 1 June 2019

1-11 CD DVD Duplicator
128Mb CONTROLLER (64-bit DDR2 memory & 32-bit CPU)
12 x high speed SATA CD/DVD WRITERS
User manual
R9595.00 each  (Limited stock) 

1-11 CD DVD Duplicator & HDD
128Mb CONTROLLER (64-bit DDR2 memory & 32-bit CPU)
12 x  high speed SATA CD/DVD WRITERS
User manual
P.O.A  (Price subject to HDD price at time of build) 

All duplicators ship from Johannesburg, Gauteng only

NOTE: Prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in the Rand US$ exchange.The pricing on this page replaces all previous pricing. Errors and Omissions Excepted. (E&OE)

CD DVD duplicators are shipped from Midrand Johannesburg, and can be shipped to all main centers in South Africa, additional courier fees apply. Alternatively, you may collect from Johannesburg depot, once your payment reflects.

We recommend you protect your duplicator from power surges and spikes.

These CD DVD duplicators are class 1 laser devices.

We therefore recommend that you take proper surge protection precautions wherever you use your new CD DVD duplicator, in order to protect your duplicator system from your power utility’s spikes. In the same way you would protect your desktop computers, your home DVD player, hi-fi or notebooks from the same kind of damage at home.

Using a multi plug which offers surge protection as a built in feature, will assist protecting your investment in this regard.

CD DVD Duplicator shipping weight & packaging:

1-11 Duplicator: Approx 21kg   (770mm x 600mm x 530mm)

Limited assembled stock is generally available, CD DVD duplicators with HDDs are built on order.

  • Stock type: components ready for production, allow 1 business day build time from date of order.
  • When do you get it:  Goods ready for collection 1 business day after payment reflects. Collection possible from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Durban and Cape Town. You need to advise us which depot is closest to you on placement of order.

About CD DVD media duplication

Making copies on a PC with a single burner can be tedious and time-consuming. And if you need to make multiple discs for distribution in a limited time, trying to do so on a PC with only one writer can be nothing short of a nightmare.

We have dedicated CD DVD duplicator solutions that will simplify your organization/business duplication needs, and will save you time.

Disc duplication is the process of burning your music, data, video or multi media presentations and photos onto a blank CD or DVD by means of a CD/DVD duplication system (Burning optical media discs for short / fast runs). CD/DVD duplicators allow you to create multiple duplicates of your master disk simultaneously on-demand, for your own media projects.

Optical media duplication is the ideal solution for training companies, NGO’s and churches who wish to create on-demand optical disc duplicates simultaneously for distribution of their CD or DVD products within minutes of finalizing your master disc.

The systems can be used to create multiple copies of optical media for distribution of sermons, distribution of training material such as tutorials, distributing multiple copies of software updates; to offer a media solution to church outreaches, or evangelism ministries; CD or DVD bases corporate event catalogues, sport events and for promotional media used for PR projects.

By using a tower duplicator you can duplicate your own marketing / promotional media, training CDs / DVDs, or duplicate your own audio visual CDs or DVDs for distribution to your audience in minutes.

Companies can also create distribution media to promote retail brands, tourism CDs and various other media applications.

The DVD/CD tower duplicators offer your media department a professional optical media duplication solution. The duplicators are locally supported, offer great value, are easy to use. They are standalone solutions (requires no computer), and can duplicate both CDs and DVDs.

The DVD and CD tower duplicators are ideal for small to medium scale media CDs & DVD production studios and are perfect for office based, disc publishing environments that have a duplication requirement.

An effective solution for media companies or photographers who have a requirement to duplicate multi media CD or DVD photo disks for weddings, or media presentations; or for the client who needs to produce a marketing CD or DVD based digital advertising media on a limited budget.

Now you can duplicate multiple copies of your own original digital media for your small business, your company, non profit organization or church with ease, on-demand when you need it.

Fast & Efficient

These tower duplicators are available with up to 11 fast  multi format CD/DVD writer drives per unit. CD-Rs can be copied simultaneously in under 3 minutes, and DVDs in under 10 minutes. Some duplicators are also fitted with an internal hard drive for storage of CD or DVD master images, (ISO) ; especially useful when creating visual media DVDs.

Easy To Use

Our manual CD DVD Duplicators are stand-alone, are easy to operate and requires no PC connection to operate. It is capable of duplicating up to 11 CDs or DVDs at once.

All command operations for the tower DVD / CD duplicators are entered via the easy to follow LCD control panel. You simply load the drives with blank discs, insert your master into the master drive of your tower duplicator and press the copy button.

You don’t even require a computer with software like Linux or Windows to run the duplicator.

Your tower duplicator will automatically detect the type of CD or DVD master (CD ROM, CD-XA etc.) without any user intervention, and will also provide “frame accurate” Data and Audio including UPC, ISRC and audio indexes.

In addition, the compare master and compare copy feature, allow both CDs/DVDs and images to be verified for complete data integrity assurance.

Direct On-disk printing – No more sticky CD labels:

The tower duplicators do not print labels onto blank disks. You either need a EPSON DiscProducer or a separate direct on disc printer such as the Canon PIXMA TS704 for that purpose.

The Canon PIXMA TS704 has the ability to print directly onto white inkjet printable CD or DVD surfaces. The process is called direct-on-disk printing, and it eliminates the need for using those old sticky paper CD labels that can fold, crinkle  or accidentally get stuck to the disc off-centre.

On-disc printers such as the Canon PIXMA TS704 available from us in a printer bundle, can print directly onto the surface of suitable white inkjet printable CDs or DVDs. Its a manual feed printer, which prints onto white inkjet printable CD or DVD via a single front loading disc cartridge.

Canon Pixma TS704 Printer

Canon Direct on Disk printer bundle:

The Canon Canon PIXMA TS704 bundle – includes the printer, a USB cable, a standard set 5 individual ink tanks; and a extra full set of Canon XL ink tanks.

1 x Canon PIXMA TS704 CANON Printer

Price: R2705.25 per bundle  (May 2019) 

XL ink cartridges are high capacity ink cartridges – as opposed to the standard cartridges.


If you are looking for a high volume direct on disc printing and burning solutions. We offer EPSON DiscProducer models (PP100 Euro V2) which can do both disc duplication (burn data to disc) and on-disc printing. See more here

Do we provide and in-house disc duplication service to customers?

No, we do not.  We supply duplication equipment to clients who offer this service in-house or to their own clients.

Busting some myths & sales talk.

So you Google’d across some apparently blistering fast duplicator advertisement full of super fast promises elsewhere…

Well, don’t believe every sales pitch you read on the internet. If its too good to be true the chances are the sales pitch is not the whole truth.

Our duplicators are built with quality high speed burners. That said, reliable duplication is not only dependent on the burn speed of burners, but is also dependent on the stable read/write speed of your optical media.

You cannot duplicate optical media faster than it can read and write data to the disc. So you will never be able to get reliable duplication results, faster than your media can reliably read/write data.

cd dvd optical media

Our cd dvd duplicators use top end burners that will constantly give you reliable results when operated correctly; provided you use quality optical media in the duplication process.

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