Dell desktop computers

Dell desktop computers – March 2017

Dell desktop computers are standard, pre configured units which include pre-installed Windows operating systems and are ready to ship.

N004O7040MFF01 DELL OPTI 7040MFF/I5-6500T/8G/500G/W7P/3YR R14 477.00
N005O3240AIO DELL OPTI3240AIO/21.5/I3-6100/4G/500G/DVD/W7P/3YR R15 187.00
N006O7440AIO01 DELL OPTI 7440 I5-6500 8GB 500GB 23TCH W7P 3Y AIO R20 717.00
N008O7040MT01 DELL OPTI 7040MT I5-6500 8G 500GB 2GFX W7P 3YR DSK R16 771.00
N012O7040MFF01 DELL OPTI 7040MFF I7-6700T 8GB 500GB W7P 3YR DSK R16 537.00
N013O3240AIO DELL OPTI3240 I5-6500 8GB 500GB 21.5 W7P 3YR AIO R18 543.00
N014O7440AIO01 DELL OPTI 7440 I7-6700 8GB 1TB 23 W7P 3YR AIO R21 401.00
N016O7040MT01 DELL OPTI 7040MT I7-6700 8GB 1TB 4GFX W7P 3YR DSK R19 759.00
N019O5040MT01 DELL OPTI 5040MT I5-6500 8GB 500GB 2GFX W7P 3Y DSK R16 220.00
N3464-I37100U-4THD DELL INS 3464 I3-7100U 4G 1T 24 W10SL AIO 1YRCAR R13 540.00
S009O3040MTZA OPTIPLEX 3040MT I3-6100 4GB 500GB W7P 3YR DSK R8 359.00
N009O5040SFF02 DELL OPTI 5040SFF I5-6500 4GB 500GB W7P 3YR DSK R13 920.00
V3650-I36100-4500 DELL VOSTRO 3650MT I3-6100 4GB 500GB W10P 3YR DSK R7 853.00
V3650-I56400-4500 DELL VOSTRO 3650 I5-6400 4GB 500GB W10P 3YR DSK R8 866.00
V3650-I76700-81TB DELL VOSTRO 3650MT I7-6700 8GB 1TB 2GFX W10P DSK R15 073.00



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