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EPSON Discproducers are high quality disc publisher solutions for CD & DVD duplication and direct-on-disc printing, available from in South Africa.

These devices can burn data to disc and print a design directly onto the disc surface of CDs or DVDs.

About the EPSON DiscProducer PP-100 Version 3.

PP-100 V3 EPSON DiscProducer.

Epson’s Discproducer PP-100III is a Blu-ray, DVD and CD publisher, combining proven features with design enhancements. The Discproducer’s archival-grade Blu-ray drives (Pioneer PR1 series) are both accurate and reliable. And, with a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, it can fully burn and print up to 100 discs in one single operation.

How the EPSON DiscProducer works - product video

Device pricing.
Pricing is subject to ZAR volatility, please request a quote no later than 2 days before you wish to purchase.
These devices are imported to South Africa in limited quantities per shipment.

Units  can be serviced in Johannesburg if required. Unlike other similar devices that can only be serviced overseas.

All EPSON Discproducers ship from Gauteng South Africa.

For product and price related enquiries please contact us.

EPSON Disc Printer & Disc Publisher Range & Consumables 

Product Code Description
Disc Publishers
EP-C11CH400 Epson PP-100 III DiscProducer

Discproducer Consumables
EP-C13S020447 Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Cyan
EP-C13S020448 Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Light Cyan
EP-C13S020449 Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Light Magenta
EP-C13S020450 Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Magenta
EP-C13S020451 Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Yellow
EP-C13S020452 Discproducer Ink Cartridge, Black

The EPSON Discproducer uses a separate ink tank system. The yield per cartridge: 1000 full colour discs.

About the EPSON PP100 V3 Discproducer

The EPSON PP100 Discproducer is an robotic arm automated direct on-disc printer & CD DVD burner, combined in one device. The system comes with its own dedicated software package for managing burning and printing disc batches.

EPSON is well known in the printing industry for its high quality print finish, even in large scale printing solutions.

EPSON PP100 V3 Discproducer Features

(Burner and direct on disc printer)

  • 2 high speed CD DVD Writer/burners
  • Accurate DVD/CD publisher
  • Free advanced software for printing and burning discs.
  • Accurate: Archival-grade Blu-ray drives
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0: Fast-burning 8 Blu-ray discs/hour
  • High capacity: Publishes 100 discs in one batch
  • Software included: Total Disc Maker 7.0
  • AcuGrip technology: Reliable robotic operation

Burns and prints Blu-ray, CD or DVD media in a enclosed dust resistant casing.

The device duplicates disc data and does direct on-disc printing in full colour.

Publishing speed (Burn and Print)

Burn & Print Speed CD 30 Discs / hour (fast mode) using Epson-recommended CD-R
Burn & Print Speed DVD 15 Discs / hour (fast mode) using Epson-recommended DVD-R

Key Features EPSON PP100 V3 Discproducer

All in one dust proof enclosure
Burn, print, publish dust-proof and secured
Fast production
On-demand up to 30 media per hour (600MB CD-R)
>1000 Media with one ink cartridge set
AcuGrip media handling
Saves the drives for high reliability
6-colour micro piezo
Outstanding print quality
Complete Software
Full publishing software and tools, included free of charge
Colour management tool
Outstanding best of breed colour control
Epson branded
Service and support available in RSA. Unlike other similar devices of other brands, which can only be serviced overseas.

Beware of sales talk!

You may have’d some other brand that quotes some too-good-to-be-true fast burn and print speed. Be warned! Read the fine print of those brands carefully.

The facts
The fast tower duplicators we sell can burn (only) up to 11 DVD-Rs in about 10 minutes – no printing. The EPSON PP100 does up to 15 DVDs per hour – burn and print in fast mode. The read and write capability of your writers and the maximum write capability of your discs (CD-R or DVD-R) is what limits the reliable burn speed of duplication. The EPSON DiscProducer uses highly reliable high speed SATA writers to offer a constant, and quality result.

Using inferior quality discs in duplication systems – will result in a higher incidence of write failures. So the quality of your optical CD or DVD disc is as important as the quality of the duplication device you purchase.

If you use discs which have a poor white inkjet printable surface you will experience poorer quality finished printing. Not because of the printer’s inability; but because of a sub standard printable disc surface. EPSON printers are well known for their outstanding printing quality in the media industry.

Medical Industry Application – PP-100 a perfect solution for radiology practices

Garden City Clinic’s X-ray department modernizes its services with the Epson PP-100 Discproducer

Processing X-ray films entailed processing plates and producing films, an expensive process that included the use of chemicals, creating chemical waste that needed to be carefully disposed of.This was also a time-consuming process, which often left patients waiting for their X-ray results. The practice sought a more time-efficient and cost-effective way to present its X-ray findings to patients.

The EPSON PP-100 made it possible to write digital X-ray images onto CDs ; making it so much simpler than processing X-ray films, typing up reports and offering large, cumbersome envelopes to patients.

Typically, the Epson PP-100 Discproducer is used in marketing or reproduction environments where multiple copies of data need to be written onto a disc quickly and cost-effectively. However, this device has demonstrated that it is the perfect solution for radiology practices – and indeed other medical practices that need to produce images and reports – because it is easy to use and maintain, can handle high production volumes, and stands clearly ahead of any other device in this product sector in terms of running costs and performance.

All EPSON devices are sold EXW Midrand and dispatched from Johannesburg only.

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