RCT Megapower 1kVA 800W 12V Pure Sinewave UPS Trolley with 100Ah battery 

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RCT Megapower 1kVA 800W 12V Pure Sinewave UPS Trolley with 100Ah battery

This device is a portable compact pure sinewave UPS trolley with an 800W output and built in 10A battery charger.

This RCT 1kVA UPS trolley is suitable for running a couple of small electronic devices during load shedding such as LED lights, LED TV, decoder and sat dish, a laptop, and a Fibre or ADSL router, ideal for a home office power solution.

With a charged battery the device automatically provides power as soon as utility power fails. No manual switching required.

Pure Sinewave for Sensitive Electronics & Motorized Loads.
True Double-conversion for Stable Clean Power.
Microprocessor Control Optimizes Reliability.
Input Power Factor Correction.
Output Power Factor 0.8.
Wide Input Voltage Range (110-285 VAC).
Eco-mode for Energy Saving.
Comprehensive Display Allows Easy Monitoring & Access of UPS Status.
Monitoring can be done via USB or RS-232 with Enclosed Software.
Generator Compatible.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 282 mm x 145 mm x 220 mm
Product Weight 4.1kg

(Note: To fully recharge a 12V 100Ah battery using a 12V/10A charger will take a nominal 10 hours if the battery is fully discharged.)

Promotional Price: R6194.25

(price includes the UPS, trolley enclosure and 1 x 100Ah battery)

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