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We offer personalized domain name hosting, and domain based email offerings, perfect for personal and  business users.

Eliminate having to host your own server and mailboxes, in an insecure area where it can be stolen, or destroyed by fire without proper back-up facilities.And where your infrastructure can go down due to power load shedding.

Why reinvent the wheel for your business if we can offer you the perfect solution for you securely hosted in a multi million Rand datacentre in South Africa? All you need is internet access.

What does this package include?

1 x domain (The domain must be available to register)
Up to 100 domain based mailboxes e.g.

  • Spam Filtering
  • Backups
  • Webmail function – which allows you to access your email mailbox from any computer in the world with internet access.
  • 5GB Storage *

Cost R1370 per annum (Billed annually)

*Disk over-usage will be invoiced at R7.00 per 10 MB.


Benefits: If your home/office ADSL or fibre goes down, you can still access your emails via 3G and internet connections at other sites, like a coffee shop with wifi etc.

This is a big plus since, ADSL lines can go down during load shedding (where ADSL or Fibre routers are not supported by online UPS systems) resulting in your users onsite and out of the office can’t send/receive to you if you hosted your domain and mailboxes on site without having redundancy power other than ESKOM.

The data centers we utilize are not negatively impacted by ESKOM load-shedding.

Over confident with cloud email hosting? Remember that if there is a buggerup in the cloud, where your emails are hosted, they are lost,  tough luck. Because with cloud services like gmail you’re directly responsible for your own email backups.

The data centres we use – do daily backups.