Website Hosting Services

Web Site Hosting Services

We offer reliable and scalable web site hosting solutions to our clients. These hosting options range from cost-effective entry point web hosting (shared Linux hosting) which can be upgraded at any time to dedicated server hosting options should your needs grow.

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Aerial photo of one of the dedicated hosting data centres we utilize

Web hosting is a business service of providing storage space, connectivity, and the services necessary to serve files for your website on the internet.

Web hosting offers the ability to host your website on a managed server at a low monthly cost in a shared hosting environment.

The secure data centres we utilize; provide individual web sites with redundant connectivity, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, and regular backups.

If you want to get your business or practice promoted on-line; or even transform your hobby into an on-line business, we can help you accomplish that.

Every professional web presence starts with reliable hosting. And we can offer you just that.


We offer  reliable web domain hosting and domain registration services.

Having your own web presence will help you speak to your audience in an effective way, share your services or products/interests with others. Which will find you more customers for your business or hobby.

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Website Hosting

*      Website Hosting – We offer reliable Linux based web site hosting solutions ranging from R99 per month on minimum 1 year contract term. Renewable annually.

Contact us to find out more about our hosting plans, we offer  our clients hosting options in dedicated business web hosting centres in South Africa or in Germany.

All our clients are hosted on reliable local or international hosting servers in multi million ZAR data centres. You can rest assured that there’s no dodgy “back yard” hosting services here.

Every day over 40 000 customers rely on the data-centres where we host our websites. W3bin analysed the hosting locations of the top 1 million websites in the world. Our hosting solution partner ranks within the top 3 in the world.

If you move office space and you are hosting with us, instead of having your own server array for hosting in a leased building – you won’t need to uninstall your hosting server array, you won’t need to pack it up, and move it, and have it reinstalled at your new office complex.

All you’ll need to do is to plug your office network into the internet again at the new premises; and off you go again, with zero time lost to installation or reconfiguration delays in the new office building.

The data centres we utilize for the hosting of our client websites feature redundant power (no site downtime due to load shedding), HVAC, fire detection systems and are monitored 24/7. Backups are made daily.

ESKOM load shedding does not affect your emails as it would if you hosted it onsite should you not have alternative power that runs your server while your office is under ESKOM load shedding.

Hosting with us, means your email will still be accessible as long as your router is online – or as long as you can connect to the internet, at a coffee shop that has working wifi, if your own 3G, or ADSL or a fibre router at the office doesn’t have electricity during load shedding.

Shared server hosting environment is not suitable for applications that require the highest levels of data security due to it being shared among multiple customers.

For applications with critical security requirements, we recommend you enquire pricing from us on CHS products or the TruServ™ product range.

*      Website design – We develop functional web sites at reasonable rates that work – no gimmicks.  We offer hosting services and on-line publishing services to small business.

The Process: Needs Analysis – Quote Acceptance – Graphic Design – Development – Testing – Launch

Why outsource to us?

You may not wish to employ a full time web developer or IT specialist in-house due to the additional cost to company of another staff member, or you may not have the time to do updates yourself; as its time consuming.

Outsourcing to us could save you time to focus on other parts of your business and cost you less money that employing a full time webmaster.

Setting up your own reliable data centre that compares to what we can offer you for your web hosting will cost your company millions of Rands.
There is no need to reinvent a wheel that already works perfectly.

By hosting your website through us, you don’t need to go to that expense and reinvent working hosting solutions, which have proven their reliability over decades.

We contract talented designers, developers and publishers that are qualified and skilled to address your requirements on a project basis. If we don’t have the skills in-house, we can source the skills required.

Our clients receive personal attention. We can play the same role as an in-house IT manager or web master.

You save by having qualified technical staff helping your company grow and run effectively without the burden of having huge overheads. Our rates are affordable, feel free to compare us to the closets reliable competition.

Interested or require international website hosting in Europe? Feel free to contact us with your hosting needs. We also offer hosting solutions in Europe.

Acceptable Use policy.

Accounts with many files can have an adverse effect on server performance. The following limit applies: 200 000 files (i.e. an email, web page, image file, directory etc.), or 50 000 files per directory. Accounts exceeding the above limit will have those files and/or directories excluded from the backup system.

Using hosting servers as a personal storage facility is not permitted.

Any content stored must be directly related to the website(s) in question.

Mailboxes that build up large volumes of email without being accessed are not allowed (e.g. catchall mailboxes or bounce message mailboxes).

The primary cause of excessive disk usage can be due to customers having their catchall address enabled, yet never checking their primary account mailbox. Over time, tens of thousands of messages build up, pushing the account past our file limit.

Email older than five years may not be stored on the server.

Individual emails that are 5 MB or larger may not be stored on the server for more than 1 month.

Note: IMAP email account set-up stores all emails and attachments on the hosting server, and not your computer. Therefore mailbox space needs to managed carefully by users if they opt for using IMAP email set-up. The alternative is to set-up your mail account as a POP3 mailbox which leaves all your emails and attachments on your device instead of the hosting server at the data centre. Provided you untick the set-up option in your mail client to leave messages on the server.

If you use high volumes of email traffic it is advised that you use POP3 set-up instead of IMAP, as this will prevent you from exceeding your hosting account space allocation.

Disc over-usage is charged at R7 per 10MB.