U-Reach Super 8 Series USB Duplicators

U-Reach Super 8 Series USB Duplicators

USB Flash memory Duplication Towers:

This duplicator series offers a range of professional Flash duplicators that duplicates data to only USB flash sticks with a speed of up to 2GB per minute per port.

U-Reach USB flash drive duplicator models:

UR-USB-808-1 U-Reach 1-15 USB Duplicator Super 8 Series

UR-USB-808-2 U-Reach 1-23 USB Duplicator Super 8 Series

Source: 2G/FAT32, Data:119MB

*Please note that actual copy speeds are dependent on the USB flash stick’s supported speed. Generally inexpensive USB flash media support slower transfer speeds, than more expensive high transfer speed USB flash media.

Targets PC based Duplicator U-Reach Duplicator
1 pcs 28  sec 18 sec
10 pcs 237 sec 18 sec
20 pcs 901 sec 19 sec
100 pcs 19 sec

U-Reach Flash duplicators are stand-alone devices. They do not connect to computers, and don’t require any OS such as Windows to operate; which is why these devices offer you the best efficiency

The duplication process is simple:

1. power the unit on
2. slot in your created master flash drive (which contains the data or media you want to duplicate)
3. slot in blank USB flash drives in the slave ports
4. Press copy button on controller.

Units are assembled and tested before being dispatched. So they are ready to use on arrival. No need to configure anything.

For best results its recommend that you use the Copy + Compare Function
to achieve a perfect duplication. But the unit also offers a Quick Data Copy function.

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