Uninterruptible power supply UPS

Uninterruptible power supply UPS systems

ESKOM is load shedding again, in summer as the power utility fails to provide sufficient electricity for the general demand in South Africa.

A UPS can protect your data, workstations and servers from sudden black outs and power spikes.

Load-shedding and power outages have become an unshakable reality for South African homes and business, and power spikes are silent killers of sensitive office electronics if you don’t take preventative measures to prevent this damage.

We sell uninterruptible power supplies for computers, which offer an uninterrupted power source for computers in the event of a electricity blackout for the duration of the available power stored in the UPS’s battery.

All UPS products sold on this website are backed by original manufacturer warranty in South Africa. All products are original – not gray imports – and are brand new sealed items as supplied to us.

When buying an online UPS decide how much battery power you need to meet your expected power consumption then add at least 20%-25%. The extra should be enough cover what you did not plan for.

To manually calculate the UPS requirement.

UPS units have a voltage and amperage rating (Va or KVa) .

To determine the VA necessary for your needs, look at the nameplate on every device you want to connect to the UPS.

1. Find the voltage and amperage. It should be listed in the format 220V and 3.5A (for example) and will vary based on the power draw of the equipment.

2. Multiply volts by amps to get each device’s VA

3. Then total the results for all devices.

4. Add a 25% margin to that figure.

The UPS’s inverter in the Online UPs needs to be able to provide the required Watt per hour rating + a 25% margin. And remember the peak Watt/Kva output of a UPS is NOT the figure you need to be looking at. Use the normal (lower) rating (VA/Watts) as the indicator.

Deep cycle batteries in UPS systems typically have a life span of 2-4 years, but it depends on how hard they have had to work to keep your system up and running. And yes if you didn’t match your power requirements correctly you can kill your deep cycle battery overnight.

So expect to replace them. Knowing that their end of life is coming you could plan your next purchase in advance, using that as the time to make an expansion in capacity if need be. If you don’t you will end up with a dead UPS when you most need it.

Just like your car’s battery is matched to the requirement of your car’s needs, a UPS needs to be matched to what you want to connect to it. And no the batteries won’t last indefinitely.

If you decide to buy a generator – you MUST buy a pure sine wave generator if you want to connect sensitive equipment like computers to it.

Its also advisable to fit line interactive UPS systems between your computer and the generator, or between your ESKOM power and the computer.  To catch dips and spikes in electricity supply and to give you a shut down buffer time. Between manually switching from ESKOM to generator power.


When choosing a UPS you need to purchase one that exceeds peak Watt requirement of your complete system with at least 25% margin to be safe. Not just the combined average Wattage.

This UPS price list is a guideline only – pricing varies as ZAR/US $ exchange rate affects landed price of newly imported stock all the time. Pricing was correct at date of listing. Please request a quote for updated pricing at time of placing your order. Our quotes are valid for 1 days only, and only while stock lasts.

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